Why You Will Fail to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Accountability is Key

Plans in Battle are Useless — but Planning is essential. Because this is your life management plan, it’s essential that you select activities that are measurable and achievable. You need to constantly review and quantify your activities towards your goals.

  1. “I find that I’m more intentional with my time when I have to write my schedule down.” Alex Lieberman, Morning Brew Executive Chairman Invest in a journal in order to collect and mange your thoughts, feelings and progress is essential. I use the BestSelf Journal because it provides a 13-week focus on three main goals that are easily accessible and manageable. Check it out on https://jeroma.shop/affiliates
  2. Schedule regular meetings with a friend, partner, mentor, protege, manager — somebody with whom you feel comfortable sharing your ideas and from whom you feel comfortable accepting ideas and criticism. A GO-IT-ALONE approach will not be successful — you end up being too forgiving of yourself or too hard on yourself. Fresh perspectives are helpful.
  3. Create a positive morning routine and evening routine. Neither should include any electronics with a screen. This is your time to get your mind and body set for the day’s activities and the night’s rest. Shut your ringers off or charge your phone in a different room if you us it as your wake-up alarm. I have a furry alarm system that purrs in my ear and pokes me to feed it every morning at 5AM so my slumbers are not jarringing disrupted. You can click on my lifestyle website JEROMATHERAPY.COM
  4. Seek nutritional alternatives. The holidays will bring an array of treats and increased carbohydrate and alcohol consumption. Trying to undo all of that on January 1 will be next to impossible and discouraging when you are at cross-purposes with your health and fitness goals. This year I switched to MUD|WTR as my morning beverage and it gets me energized and brings me focus with 1/7 of the caffeine. Also on https://jeroma.shop/affiliates
  5. Envision and outline your top three goals for the first quarter. Books to read. Travel to plan. Clothes to fit into. Skills to learn (this is the most fun — I am learning Vimeo as one of my quarterly stretch goals). Recipes to try. Home environment projects to complete. People to connect with.



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Jerome Rifino

Jerome Rifino

Entrepreneur, Blues and Bourbon Aficionado, Runner, Golf, Soccer, and Formula 1 Fan, Stress-Free Life Promoter